Pumps for Basic Research



CMA 4004 Syringe Pump
- Four syringes carriage

- Ability to use non-standard syringe types

- Pulse free flow

- Flow rates from 0.54 pL/min to 11.70mL /min

- Quick setup using the builet-in syringe library

- Email methods to your peers, download methods and upgrade your software remotely



CMA 402 Syringe Pump
- dual syringes, independently  
- flow rates from 0.1- 20 µL/min
- f
low directions – individual
or withdraw


Accessories for Syringe Pumps, Basic Research 



- 1, 2.5, 5 and 10 mL
   syringes are available
- for CMA 400 and CMA 402
  Syringe Pumps 

    Syringe Clip  
- enables withdrawal of 
  liquids with the CMA 400 and
  CMA 402 Syringe Pumps


Micro T
- a three way connector for 
  syringes and probes

    Perfusion Fluid
-  Perfusion Fluid CNS fluid  
Central Nervous System