CMA 402 Syringe Pump




  Dual syringes – independently controlled

   Flow-rates from 0.1- 20 µL/min

   Flow directions – individual infuse or withdraw




Download CMA 402 software (3Mb)

The CMA 402 Syringe Pump is a compact, flexible dual syringe pump designed for low pulse-free
flow rates, suitable for microdialysis and other low flow experiments.

Start/stop and flow rate can be set independently for each syringe. The flow direction can be easily reversed individually for the syringes.

The pump is pre-calibrated for 1, 2.5 or 5 mL syringes with flow rates between 0.1 µL/min and 20 µL/min. The flush feature is used for preparatory work to fast feed the syringe.

The pump is available in two different versions, one of which includes all the accessories to enable easy and safe work with the microdialysis probes: two syringes, two probe clips, two vial holders and a bracket for easy attachment to the pump. The pump can also be ordered without the accessories.


Ordering information for CMA 402 Syringe Pump

CMA 402 Syringe Pump with Accessory kit
Microsyringes 1 mL, 2pcs
Vial holders 2 pcs
CMA 11-12 Clip
CMA Probe Shaft Clip
Micro T
Microdialysis CAD Software
Ref. No. 800 3100

830 9020
Microsyringe 1 mL
830 9021 Microsyringe 2.5 mL
830 9022 Microsyringe 5 mL
340 8300 Syringe Clip, small 1-2.5 mL
340 8310 Syringe Clip, medium 2.5 mL-5 mL
P000043 Micro T
340 9501 FEP Tubing 1 m
840 9501 FEP Tubing 10 x 1 m
340 9500 Tubing Adapters