CMA 7, CMA 8, CMA 11 and CMA 12 Guide Cannulae

  made of biocompatible polyurethane

  can be mounted to the stereotaxic instrument

  available for all CNS probes

  β-irradiated guide cannulae available for 
  CMA 7 and CMA 11 probes (Standard) and for the
  CMA 8 probes (Custom)

  Metal free Guides availables for CMA 7, CMA 11
  and CMA 12 probes (Standard) and for the
  CMA 8 probes (Custom)


The Guide Cannulae are coated with silicone on the inside in order to prevent sticking of a dummy or a probe. The guide cannula can be mounted to the stereotaxic instrument using a standard probe clip (see CMA 130 In Vitro Stand ). Other small items, such as trephine drills and anchor screws are necessary for proper fixation of the guide cannula to the skull. 

Ordering information for CMA Guide Cannulae

Ref. No.
P000137 CMA 7 Guide Cannula 3/pkg
P000138 CMA 7 Guide Cannula 30/pkg
8012310 CMA 8 Guide Cannula 3/pkg
8012311 CMA 8 Guide Cannula 30/pkg
830 9017CMA 11 Guide Cannula 3/pkg
830 9018 CMA 11 Guide Cannula 30/pkg
830 9024 CMA 12 Guide Cannula 3/pkg
830 9025 CMA 12 Guide Cannula30/pkg

8010683 CMA 7 Guide Cannula β-irradiated 3/pkg
8010684 CMA 7 Guide Cannula β-irradiated 30/pkg 
8011031 CMA 11 Guide Cannula β-irradiated 3/pkg 
8011032 CMA 11 Guide Cannula β-irradiated 30/pkg

8010773 CMA 7 Guide Metal Free 3/pkg
8011085 CMA 11 Guide Metal Free 3/pkg
8011205 CMA 12 Guide Metal Free 3/pkg
8011206 CMA 12 Guide Metal Free 30/pkg