CMA 7  Microdialysis Probe


 extremely small

 optimized for CNS use

 ideal for chronical implantation




The CMA 7 Microdialysis Probe is ideal for use in small areas of the brain or spinal cord of small animals. It is especially suitable for studies in transgenic mice.

The construction and geometry of the probe tip is exactly the same as in the CMA 11. The outer diameter of the CMA 7 Microdialysis Probe is 0.24 mm and the shaft length is 7 mm.

An extremely small plastic body where the inlet and outlet tubing are directly mounted, makes the probe easy to implant and light for a small animal to carry. A matching small and lightweight guide cannula is available.

CMA 7 Microdialysis Probes are guaranteed for single use.


Technical information for CMA 7

Membrane length Cuprophane 1 and 2 mm  
Membrane diameter 0.24 mm
Stainless steel shaft diameter 0.38 mm
Shaft length 7 mm  
Inlet internal volume negligible
Outlet internal volume 0.3 µL
200 mm Inlet tubing (blue) 3.6 µL  
200 mm Outlet tubing (transp.)  3.6 µL  

Ordering information for CMA 7


Membrane: Cuprophane
cut-off 6000 Daltons

Ref. No.
P000082               CMA 7  Microdialysis Probe 1 mm 3/pkg
P000083               CMA 7  Microdialysis Probe 2 mm 3/pkg