CMA 31 Linear Microdialysis Probe


   55 000 Daltons cut-off membrane

   Soft and flexible construction

   Sterilizable by EtO




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The CMA 31 Linear Microdialysis Probe is ideal for peripheral tissues such as skin, muscle, heart, adipose tissue, liver, eye, pancreas and other organs as well as tumors.

The probe is very thin, made with a unique patented design with a 10 mm membrane, 55 000 Daltons cut-off. This membrane allows studies on a wide range of substances.

The probe is easy to implant using an introducer needle that is included. The inlet of the probe has a Luer lock connector, which can be attached to a single-use syringe, or removed in order to use a glass syringe with a fixed needle and a tubing adapter. To maintain fluid balance between the tissue and dialysate it is recommended to use 3% Dextran 60 in the perfusion fluid.

One package contains 4 probes, each in an individual pouch for easy handling and/or sterilization (EtO) if necessary.

The probes are guaranteed for single use. 


Technical information for CMA 31 Linear

Membrane length PES  10 mm    
Membrane diameter  0.26 mm
Tubing material   Polyimide
Tubing ID/OD  0.12 mm/0.19 mm     
Inlet and outlet lengths   350 mm/100 mm 
Double tubing OD   0.63 mm 
Introducer, length  25 mm     
Introducer, diameter    0.6, 23 G    

Ordering information for CMA 31 Linear


Membrane: Polyethersulfone
cut-off 55 000 Daltons

Ref. No.
CMA 31 Linear Microdilaysis Probe, 4/pkg