CMA 30 Linear Microdialysis Probe



   ideal for skin, peripheral tissues, spinal cord
     and tumors

   soft and flexible construction

   easy implantation

   can be sterilized with ethylene oxide

 Product note (pdf)   

The probe consists of a tubing in which the middle part has a 10 mm window with a Cuprophane membrane, 6000 Daltons cut off. Along the membrane, in this window, a thin part of the tubing remains to increase the stability and also to secure the membrane during withdrawal from the tissue. The probe is easy to implant with an introducer needle that is included in the package.

The inlet of the probe has a Luer lock connector, which can be attached to a single use syringe. Or, if a glass syringe and tubing adapter will be used, this connector can easily be cut off and discarded.

One package contains 4 probes, each in an individual pouch for easy handling.

The probes can be sterilized in its package with Ethylene Oxide. 


Technical information for CMA 30 Linear

Membrane length Cuprophane  10 mm    
Membrane diameter  0.24 mm
Tubing material   Polyimide
Tubing ID/OD  0.28 mm/0.38 mm     
Inlet and outlet lengths   245 mm 
Double tubing OD   0.63 mm 
Introducer, length  26 mm    
Introducer, diameter   0.7, 22 G    

Ordering information for CMA 30 Linear


Membrane: Cuprophane
cut-off 6 000 Daltons

Ref. No.
8010460  CMA 30 Linear Microdialysis Probe, 4/pkg