CMA 142 Microfraction Collector


   sampling from one or two probes

   precision and accuracy from 1 µL

   compact design


CMA 142 Microfraction Collector 

 Product note (pdf)   

The CMA 142 Microfraction Collector is a unique, stand-alone instrument dedicated for microdialysis sampling. Fractions ranging from 1 to 50 µL can be collected from one or two microdialysis probes (1 x 20 or 2 x 10 samples respectively). The low noise cassette movement prevents any distress to experimental animals and the size of the instrument (130W x 80H x 100D mm) permits it to be used in the operation theater without long connection tubing. 


Ordering information for CMA 142


Ref. No.
838 1142
CMA 142 Microfraction Collector, 230 V
838 1143 CMA 142 Microfraction Collector, 115 V 

Ref. No
743 1100 Vials, plastic 300 µL, 1000/pkg
743 1102 Caps, re-sealing plastic, 1000/pkg*
743 1007 Vials, glass 300 µL, 500/pkg
743 2175
Caps/Seals Non-Reclosing, Small, 1000/pkg*
  * not for use in the fraction collector