CMA 120 System for Freely Moving Animals


   balance arm with dual channel swivel

   secures tubing away from the animal and
     prevents twisting


 CMA 120 System for Freely Moving Animals

The CMA 120 System for Freely Moving Animals enables microdialysis studies on conscious, small laboratory animals over long periods of time.

The CMA 120 instrument can be combined with any one of the microdialysis systems. The Microdialysis Probe is attached to the CMA 110 Liquid Switch or the CMA 111 Syringe Selector and to the CMA 142 or CMA 470 sampling devices via a dual channel swivel.

The swivel is mounted on the balancing arm allowing free movement of the animal.

The swivel brace holds a wire with a collar connector and two holders for 300 µL plastic vials. The wire attached to the the animal collar, turns the swivel and supports the tubing.

Manual fraction collection is used when two microdialysis probes are implanted, or when microdialysis is combined with local injection via one channel of the swivel. 



CMA 120 Bowl with Food & Water Containers
for use with a CMA 120 Freely Moving System
The CMA 120 Bowl with Food and Water Containers is used in studies where a freely moving animal will be confined for longer periods of time. The additions of these containers allow the animal to feed and drink ad libitum.


Ordering information for  CMA 120


Ref. No.
830 9049
CMA 120 System for Freely Moving Animals includes:
   CMA 120 Plastic Bowl
   CMA 120 Swivel Assembly
   CMA 120 Balance arm, Clamp for In Vitro Holder
Plastic Collar  100 pcs
   Tubing Adaptors 10 pcs
   FEP Tubing 1 m,
   Plastic Vials 25 pcs 
  Plastic Caps 25 pcs 
(Instrument table is not included)

840 9029 CMA 120 System without Bowl

Ref. No.
830 9046
CMA 120 Instrument Table
830 9031 CMA 120 Plastic Bowl
8309672 CMA 120 Bowl with Food and Water Containers 
830 9048 CMA 120 Swivel Assembly
240 9090 CMA 120 Swivel Assembly without swivel
240 9051 CMA 120 Wire Set with Collar Connector

830 9032 CMA 120 Balance arm
800 2714 Gimble for swivel
743 1059 Plastic Collar 100/pkg
840 9047 Swivel, Dual Channel
800 1346 Swivel, Dual Channel, for Mouse
340 9500 Tubing Adaptors 10/pkg
340 9501 FEP tubing, 1 m
840 9501 FEP tubing, 10 x 1m/pkg

           CMA 120  
      CMA 120 System for Freely Moving Animals arranged with other CMA instruments.