Application Notes


Application Notes, Basic Research

          Microdialysis - Principles of Recovery
          microdialysis - principles of recovery.pdf

          How to design your Microdialysis experiment - a check list
          Designing the microdialysis experiment.pdf

          Liquid Chromatographic Determination of GABA in Microdialysis Samples 
          Liquid chromatographic determination of GABA.pdf

          Storing Microdialysis Samples 
          Storing Microdialysis samples.pdf

          In Vitro Recovery Measurement of Peptides   
           In vitro recovery measurement of Peptides.pdf 

          In Vivo Microdialysis of Peptides. Vasopressin and Oxytocin 
          In Vivo peptides Vasopressin oxytocin.pdf

          Microdialysis - Studying Drug Distribution and Kinetics
          Studying drug distribution and kinetics.pdf
          Metabolic and Pharmacokinetic Studies in Peripheral Tissues Carried Out by Microdialysis in Chronically Implanted
          Conscious Animals 
          Metabolic and Pharmacokinetic studies.pdf

          Quantitative Microdialysis - Theoretical Models and Practical Implications
            Theoretical Models and Practical Implications.pdf         

          Fluorescence Detection of Amino Acids Derivatized with o-phthalaldehyde (OPA) Based Reagents 
           Fluorescence detection of Amino Acids.pdf 

          Determination of GABA in Microdialysis Samples by Microbore HPLC and Fluorescence Detection 
           GABA microbore HPLC.pdf 

          Determination of Amino Acids by HPLC  
           Determination of amino acids.pdf  

          Determination of Aspartate and Glutamate by HPLC
           Determination of ASPARTATE and GLUTAMATE.pdf 

          Determination of ions (Na+, K+, Mg2+, Ca2+) by HPLC 
           Determination of IONS.pdf

           Determination of Lactate, Pyruvate and Ascorbate by HPLC 
           Determination of LACTATE, PYRUVATE and.pdf 

          Determination of Purines by HPLC
           Determination of PURINES by HPLC.pdf 


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